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Parents' Evening

5th February 2016

Thank you to everyone who made it to our Parent / Teacher consultations. DCPS

PTA Quiz & Curry Night

1st February 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended our Quiz night - well done to E=MC HAMMER who were this year's winners! We'll let you know how much we raised really soon! Thanks Again. Lisa Vallance, Chair of PTA.

Accelerated Reader Results!

5th February 2016

Here are the scores for the week ending 4th February 2016. Well done everyone, keep it up! In our school hall is a new 100% Club display - every week, each child who manages to score 100% on their quizzes will have their face put up on the board. Check out our Facebook / Twitter page for a picture of this display!

Eagles Score: 167.5
Words: 1,146,850
Falcons Score: 147
Words: 952,048
Kestrels Score: 405.1
Words: 2,497,154
Owls Score: 227.1
Words: 1,413,771
Kingfishers Score: 121.4
Words: 732,920
Mallards Score: 146.7/td>
Words: 659,400
Puffins Score: 93.3
Words: 350,997
Swans Score: 89.4
Words: 316,037
Chaffinches Score: 16.2
Words: 47,533
Partridges Score: 8.8
Words: 12,705

PTA Meeting

21st JANUARY 2016

The next PTA Meeting will take place on Thursday 21st April 2016 at 7pm in The Keyberry Hotel. Lisa Vallance, PTA Chair

Spring Term 2016 Dates

17th December 2015

First Half Term- Tuesday 5th January 2016 - Friday 12th February 2016
Half Term Break - Week Commencing 15th February 2016
Second Half Term - Monday 22nd February 2016 - Thursday 24th March 2016

Term Dates

17th December 2015

Term Dates for the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 are now available under our 'Information' page.

Events This Term

21st January 2016

Don't forget to check your emails for the latest newsletter from Mrs O'Neill.


Job Vacancies

21st January 2016

There are currently no vacancies here at Decoy. Thank you for your interest in Decoy Community Primary School.
For more information please click here.

Endeavour Award - November Winners!

21st January 2016

A huge well done to all the children nominated by their teachers for the Endeavour Award.
The Endeavour Award was donated to the school by Mrs Liz Sanderson last year and will be used to recognise outstanding learners across the school.
One child from each class is nominated for the Endeavour award every half term to recognise children who have shown exceptional learning behaviours in relation to our four values:

Try your best; Have a go; Make the right choices; Think of others.
Sometimes the children are nominated by their teacher, their class or their teaching assistant. We have 2 winners each time, one from either reception or Key Stage 1 and one winner from Key Stage 2.
This half term the nominees were put forward by the teaching assistantsin the school. After the nominees were revealed in assembly the winners were drawn from a hat. Our winner this half term in Reception / Key Stage 1 was Isla Wilson from Wrens (Year 1) and our Key Stage 2 winner was Tyler Knapman from Falcons (Year 6).

PTA Lottery December Winners!

18th January 2016

Huge Congratulations to our TWO winners this month!

£50 - Mrs C J Drew
£25 - Mrs S. Preston

If you would like to sign up to the PTA lottery please follow this link.