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Half Term Holiday

27th May 2016

Don't forget - Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June 2016 is the Half Term Holiday. Monday 6th June is a NON PUPIL DAY. Back to School - Tuesday 7th June. DCPS

Accelerated Reader Results!

26th May 2016

Here are the scores for this week - ending Thursday 26th May 2016. Well done everyone, keep it up! We are in a new marking period now - set from April to July for the Summer Term. Our new competition this term is Boys vs Girls!!

Eagles Score: 125.2
Words: 861,375
Falcons Score: 135.8
Words: 902,221
Kestrels Score: 234.4
Words: 1,510,870
Owls Score: 293.3
Words: 1,873,244
Kingfishers Score: 104.5
Words: 596,960
Mallards Score: 126.5
Words: 780,706
Puffins Score: 80.1
Words: 346,486
Swans Score: 82.5
Words: 538,824
Chaffinches Score: 55.4
Words: 136,267
Partridges Score: 46.3
Words: 76,025
BOYS Score: 97.4
Words: 414,115
GIRLS Score: 165.1
Words: 1,263,555

First Steps Nursery

27th May 2016

Reminder to all parents of children who turn three before August 2016, that places for children to start the Nursery in September will be offered before the end of March. If you have not yet done so please complete a Note of Interest which can be collected from the office or downloaded by following the link below. If you have any queries please contact Louise Iddon. liddon@decoyschool.co.uk

For a downloadable NOTE OF INTEREST form for our Nursery, please click here.

School Drop Off / Pick Ups

27th May 2016

Please remember that the area outside the school gates is a Drop Off Area only - this means you can not wait, or leave your car unattended at anytime. Please support us in making the school runs safe by driving carefully and within the law. Thank you. DCPS

PTA Meeting

21st JANUARY 2016

The next PTA Meeting will take place on Thursday 21st April 2016 at 7pm in The Keyberry Hotel. Lisa Vallance, PTA Chair

Term Dates

27th May 2016

Term Dates for the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 are now available under our 'Information' page.

Events This Term

27th May 2016

Don't forget to check your emails for the latest newsletter from Mrs O'Neill.


Job Vacancies

27th May 2016

There are currently no vacancies here at Decoy. Thank you for your interest in Decoy Community Primary School.
For more information please click here.

PTA Lottery December Winners!

18th January 2016

Huge Congratulations to our TWO winners this month!

£50 - Mrs C J Drew
£25 - Mrs S. Preston

If you would like to sign up to the PTA lottery please follow this link.